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My gluttonous self’s favorite thing about Spain? Jamón ibérico. I will miss you when I’m gone. 😭 (at L’Obrador)
Today, Catalunya celebrates the feast of Sant Jordi (Saint George). Much like St. Valentine’s Day, sweethearts and loved ones exchange gifts—”a rose for love and a book forever”. The streets are crowded with thousands of makeshift stalls selling beautiful roses and books. This is my favorite holiday in Barcelona. My husband gave me a white rose this year, which here symbolizes a desire to have a deep relationship made of pure love lasting forever. Oh la la ☺️ (at Sarrià)
One of our favorite and most-used wedding gifts is a silicone Mickey Mouse baking tray. I mean who doesn’t love a Mickey-shaped brownie? 😆
Experimenting with teeny tiny hand-lettered cards. The things we do to keep from going insane.
Rejoicing, for He is risen! Happy Easter to all celebrating the feast of the Resurrection today 😊🍷 (at Sarrià)
Teeny tiny lettering
Today @verilymag, I share two mocktails that gracefully transform into cocktails for your next warm weather affair. Pregnant/teetotaler/underage friends will rejoice. Cheers! 😉🍹
At 1AM this morning, I went into what turned out to be false labor. Last year, Jude was born this time in our pregnancy. I’m most afraid of having another premature baby in an incubator for 2 months. Cisco said, “We have no choice if she comes now, but wasn’t she worth it?” What a way to enter Good Friday.
Have had a difficult time the last couple of days. Thankfully nothing that a loving husband and friends couldn’t fix. Snuggling in with The @kinfolk Table and tiny daisies  from the loveliest ladies in Barcelona. Thank you, and we made it to week 32! (at Sarrià)
Enjoying my husband’s freshly baked bread with butter, Brie, Bosc pears and an avocado salad. 😊