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Have had a difficult time the last couple of days. Thankfully nothing that a loving husband and friends couldn’t fix. Snuggling in with The @kinfolk Table and tiny daisies  from the loveliest ladies in Barcelona. Thank you, and we made it to week 32! (at Sarrià)
Enjoying my husband’s freshly baked bread with butter, Brie, Bosc pears and an avocado salad. 😊
My husband’s latest experiment are homemade French baguettes so we won’t miss them when we leave Europe. What a dreamboat ☺️. Recipe by his fav YouTube Chef John @foodwishes.
Happy 15 months to my best friend under the age of two! 😄 (at Casa de Liquido Part 2)
Spanish tortilla (olive oil, onions, potatoes, eggs, paprika, salt and pepper) for Sunday breakfast in bed. For the past 6 weeks 3 days, my poor husband has been both the mommy and daddy of this house—cooking, cleaning, working and taking care of me and the baby. I’m pretty sure he’s secretly our guardian angel.  (at Barri de Sarrià)
Mr. Liquido is making Easter brunch for our family and friends and wanted to practice making each dish 😍. This is his second batch of gougères because the first ones weren’t “round enough”. I’m just happy to be his taste tester. 😊
A lovely tart from friends from my favorite Catalan patisserie is a rather nice way to celebrate conquering 5 weeks on complete bed rest and 31 weeks of baby baking! 😊 I’ll explode of happiness if we can make it 5 more weeks. Hang in there, Isadora!
She had a huge smile on her face so I tried to take a selfie with her, but she rolled over and hugged me instead. Happy Wednesday, everyone.
I went to Berkeley for university and have been a bit of a hippie ever since. I share 6 DIY green and safe products for all your spring cleaning needs on Serious health and money savers (vinegar really works, I swear).🍃 Photo and styling by my dear Haruka @thedenizenco.
For nearly 2 years, I’ve been making and eating bocadillos for lunch. Today, I found out that Spaniards only eat these for breakfast or as a snack. I’m so American. 😄